Acts of Kindness, African Students Association Awarded 2023 Santos-Dumont Prize for Innovation

Aug. 30, 2023

Two student organizations have been selected as recipients of the 2023 Santos-Dumont Prize for Innovation. The Santos-Dumont Prize recognizes unique and creative programs, events, initiatives, or projects from the past academic year which have had wide-reaching impact and visibility. The selection committee reviewed several nominations from the campus community, and is excited to recognize two winners.

The first recipient is the Acts of Kindness Initiative (AOK). AOK is a civic service and advocacy group that hosts organized acts of kindness to serve the Princeton community and beyond. This year, the group focused on showing appreciation for Princeton’s dining and facilities staff. To show gratitude to staff who maintain Princeton’s buildings and the dining hall staff, who feed thousands of Princeton students every day, Acts of Kindness distributed care packages and thank you notes. The group also partnered with the Princeton One Respect campaign, wherein volunteers interview campus workers to share their stories through written and poster media.