Respect has many definitions

  • If you have my back, I have yours.
  • Warm greetings and not leaving a mess behind.
  • Treating each other like family.
  • Saying 'thank you.'
  • I appreciate when students take the time to say 'hi' and 'thank you.'
  • Treating a person kindly, caring and respecting them, not saying anything out of the way that may upset them.
  • Respect is about starting with a clean slate. Nobody should be prejudged on things. 
  • Feeling like part of a team and recognizing one another's efforts.
  • As simple as addressing me by my name in the morning and saying 'thank you.'
  • We are so happy when people say thank you for the food.
  • Greetings, or acknowledgement. Even something as small as saying hi.
  • Share with us that we're doing well, it boosts morale.
  • Caring for others, respecting other peoples' religions, cultures and outlook on life.
  • I like when students greet me by name and leave notes of gratitude.

How to send a thank you


EcoRep Thank You

As part of the EcoRep program, students helped make a thank you banner for Building Services' custodial crews who assisted with Move-out and Sustainability Resale events.  The mission of the EcoReps is to promote the integration of sustainability into life on…