Respect has many definitions

  • If you have my back, I have yours.
  • Warm greetings and not leaving a mess behind.
  • Treating each other like family.
  • Saying 'thank you.'
  • I appreciate when students take the time to say 'hi' and 'thank you.'
  • Treating a person kindly, caring and respecting them, not saying anything out of the way that may upset them.
  • Respect is about starting with a clean slate. Nobody should be prejudged on things. 
  • Feeling like part of a team and recognizing one another's efforts.
  • As simple as addressing me by my name in the morning and saying 'thank you.'
  • We are so happy when people say thank you for the food.
  • Greetings, or acknowledgement. Even something as small as saying hi.
  • Share with us that we're doing well, it boosts morale.
  • Caring for others, respecting other peoples' religions, cultures and outlook on life.
  • I like when students greet me by name and leave notes of gratitude.

How to send a thank you


Acts of Kindness, African Students Association Awarded 2023 Santos-Dumont Prize for Innovation

Two student organizations have been selected as recipients of the 2023 Santos-Dumont Prize for Innovation. The Santos-Dumont Prize recognizes unique and creative programs, events, initiatives, or projects from the past academic year which have had wide-reaching impact and visibility.

Princeton’s Hidden Chaplains

Celebrating the unwitting ministry of the workaday heroes who brighten the days of overanxious Ivy Leaguers.

“That’s Catalina!” Berlin said. He’d known her since freshman year. “She’s a hidden chaplain,” he added. He named a couple of others. “Hidden chaplain”: this, then, would be the term they’d use for staff members (not professors!) who, in their regular encounters, brightened students’ days. This unwitting ministry combined elements of angelic supervision, parental nurturing, and what Berlin called “quietly glorious acts of caring.”

The omelet station at Yeh/NCW serves a community with a diversity of tastes

While waiting in line to order omelets, many students, especially omelet station regulars, talk with Miguel Villamar...“Why do I like to make omelets? Because I get paid for it!” Villamar joked. “I like to talk to people. I like to talk to people a lot. I like to see everybody. I like to greet. I wanna make you smile in the morning. That’s why.”

Thanks for all you do, University staff members

'Prince' staffers celebrate some of the University staff members who make a difference in their lives.

For many, Thanksgiving is a time to acknowledge and express gratitude to the people who make a difference in others’ lives. For Princeton students, that includes the